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How to Stay Motivated during WBCS Exam Preparation ?

WBCS takes, at least, 20 months from the date of the release of the notification by the West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) to the release of the final merit list. Among other challenges, sustaining your motivation, during this journey is the key determinant of the success.

  • Question yourself – “Why should I become an wbcs officer”? Besides good salary and social prestige, It provides you ample opportunities to serve the disadvantages sections of the society.

  • Preparation Strategy: To succeed in the exam, one must have a proper plan and an executable preparation strategy. An executable strategy acts as a constant motivator for the aspirants.

  • Divide your goal into smaller parts: Based on your strengths and weaknesses, fix your targets for general studies, optional subject and the interview. Keep on top by staying organized.

  • Be honest to yourself : You must evaluate yourself at regular intervals. Allocate sufficient time for testing yourself through practice and mock tests.

  • Good health keeps you in good spirits and helps you in maintaining motivation.

  • Study with the right friends : Getting right people together to work can therefore be hugely motivational – plus, they can keep you in line and on schedule.

Always remember that the knowledge ONLY is not sufficient to clear the WBCS exam. The recruitment process is designed to test your endurance and discipline for which motivation is necessary.


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