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Ancient History-Important Facts/WBCS

  • Bhartahari worte ‘Niti Shatak’, Shringar Shatak and Vairagya Shatak which became very famous. Some scholars believe that Bhartahari is another name for Bhatti.

  • Kuntleshwar Daityam’ is a drama that testifies to the fact that Kalidasa belonged to the Gupta age.

  • ‘Abhigyanshakuntalam’ ‘Meghdoot’ ‘Ritusanhar’ are some of the major works of Kalidas.

  • Kamsutra is a famous book on Sexology written by Vatsyayan.

  • Vaibhashik and Sanghbhadra were the two Acharyas (teachers) of the Gupta age who wrote the literature of the Vaibhashik sect.  

  • In the Gupta age, the land was donated only to the Brahmans. The land donated to Brahmans was called Brahmdeya.

  • A definite portion of the produce from agricultural land was charged as the land tax by the State. It was called Bhag tax. Generally it was charged in kind.

  • The women who remained unmarried throughout their life and passed their time in studies were called Brahmavadinis.

  • Sheelbhattarika was an educated and worthy woman of the Gupta age.

  • In Gupta age the land tax was known as ‘Udrang’.

  • The slave system was practised in the Gupta age.

  • Svapnavasavadattam (The dream of Vasavadatta) is a Sanskrit play in six acts written by the ancient Indian poet Bhasa. It is probably the best known of Bhāsa's works.


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